2 thoughts on “Meal plan w/c 26/11

  1. Poached salmon salad had mango substituted for papaya, and tasted great; however sticking a lime in the poaching liquid was frankly a waste, the lemongrass and lime scarcely flavoured the salmon compared to all the other heavy hitting tastes in the salad.

    The lamb tagine was great and worth doing again, but I changed to (1) use soaked chickpeas added with the liquid at the start (2) just used water not stock (3) floured the meat at the end of the browning and cooked a little longer (4) put in a large sweet potato in chunks.

  2. The lamb and orange rocket salad was also good. Used half a butterflied lamb leg, 5min on fat side on high, turn over and shut the lid and give it another 5min, further 15 min on low, then rest for 5 min.

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