Meal plan w/c 5/7/14

Saturday night: Stephanie’s Beef Burgninon with modifications as per Movida’s slow braised beef cheek and Matt Preston’s recommendation for gremolade. It basically meant half/half sherry/red wine instead of all red-wine, and putting the garlic in earlier with the vegetables (including maybe 6 carrots with 2kg of meat). Singed the hair off my first knuckle when shaking the casserole full of flaming sherry…

Sunday lunch: Malaysian Salmon Laksa, but with spring onions and fried shallots instead of bean shoots.

Sunday dinner: Peppered Beef Stir-Fry

Monday night: quick miso soup

Tuesday night: back to beef burgninon with fresh vegies

Wednesday night: back to peppered beef stir-fry with more vegies

Thursday night: Roger’s in Sydney – freezer or take-away

Friday night: TBD