The drive from Breuzeville-Grenier to Bayeux would essentially take us through Lillebonne, so we took the time to stop and see the “Theatre Romain”. Somewhat hysterically, the gardening crew were mowing the 45-55 degree slope of what was formerly tiered seating… with ropes. A top rope to control the fall of the mower and a bottom rope to steer. Despite being told by the tourist office the theatre was closed, the gardening crew and everyone else at the site seemed keen to have us walk around.

The theatre escaped being quarried for its stone in the 1800s, and is currently having access ramping built around the periphery. Across the road a museum houses excavated artefacts from the theatre and the region, including coins and amphoras. Coins included those minted under the reign of Constantine, by which time the Roman empire was moving eastwards – as Danielle and I would be soon.

We walked through the remainder of the quite busy village centre, marvelled at the terrines, and wrapped up what was meant to be a ten minute stop with a visit to the Boulangerie-Patisserie… for a most excellent Tarte Citron – lemon tart. Beautiful shortcrust pastry.