Meal plan w/c 4/5


Saturday lunch: whatever takes Roger’s fancy while shopping.

Saturday night: Chakchouka

Sunday lunch: out while shopping

Sunday dinner with Wendy: Chicken and Tarragon Patties with Fennel and Apple Salad and Roasted Capsicum and Spinach Fritters with apple and raspberry sponge pudding dessert.

Monday night: Roast Salmon with Bacon & Fennel

Tuesday night: Coconut chicken curry with coriander pesto

Wed / Thu night: Roger away, Danielle to find freezer meals?

Friday night: Out?

Saturday night: Xinjiang Lamb with Cumin & Chillies (lamb stirfry with rice)

Next week: Roast beef, Beef & Soba Noodle SaladCrisp Lemon Fish